Wednesday 7 December 2011

Re: Wimbledon tickets next year

OK the good news is that I overstated the cost - Saturday 7 July tickets are £62 the pair and Sunday 8 July tickets are £52 the pair. All who want, please drop your cheques (payable to Butterfly Tennis Club) through 52 Grove Lane indicating which day(s) and how many pairs (only available in pairs I'm afraid) you want by 18 December and also your name, email & postal addresses please. Thanks Hugh

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Wimbledon tickets

Dear all
We have been offered the chance to some tickets for number 1 court for the finals weekend next year.
I went on the Sunday this year and saw the girls, boys doubles and veterans doubles finals - slightly surreal while the main event was going on next door but a lot of fun and we also saw some wheelchair tennis on the outer courts and the mens finalists leaving.
The tickets are something like £52 a pair on Sunday and £68 a pair on Saturday (when you have the chance of seeing more mainstream action).
If you would like to apply, then email me directly. I would need cheques payable to Butterfly Tennis Club by 18 December and you would need to make sure your memberships were up to date.
BTC Chair