Thursday, 22 July 2021

BTC – Summer Camps for Children starting Monday

Butterfly Tennis Club will be running tennis camps for local children for three weeks this summer; July 26th-30th, August 2nd-6th and August 9th-13th. The courts will be blocked out from 0830-1230, Monday to Friday for those weeks. In the event the courses don't fill up, there is a chance one of the courts will be released. 

If your child or anyone else you know would like to sign up, please contact our Head Coach, Arum Akom ( by replying to this email. The BTC Bursary Fund will be paying the cost for eligible children. 

Please email Arum for further details. 

Thursday, 17 June 2021

BTC – New Club Logo and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy the t-shirt

The Butterfly Tennis Club has launched a new logo, which you can see on this email and on the brand new sign and the entrance to the Club.

I think you'll agree it's bright, fresh and awesome! We’d like to thank Julian Parsons for coming up with the proposal to refresh the logo, designing it and organising the manufacture and installation of the sign.

Just as exciting, you now have the opportunity to purchase a BTC logo t-shirt, for a limited time only - the offer closes in two weeks

This summer you can be a winner on court - and in the pub, on the dancefloor, in fact everywhere!

These amazingly fashionable t-shirts are made from quality sustainably produced organic cotton and are available in x6 colours - if you can’t decide then you can buy all of them.

They are priced at £20+pp so that proceeds can go to our bursary fund to help pay for tennis lessons for those unable to afford them. Everyone’s a winner!

You can order and pay now for your favourite colour/s, and once our whole order is complete - the offer window is open for two weeks only - then printing will commence shortly afterwards, and you’ll receive your order 10-14 days after that. Covid also causes production delays, so please remember to keep excitement levels in check and be patient.

The t-shirts are printed to order so there is no waste, no buying in bulk, so it’s environmentally friendly. However please note, because everything is printed to order, there are no returns, so for example whatever size you choose, that’s the size you’ll be receiving. Click on the link below to place your order.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Butterfly Tennis Club new logo

by BTC member Julian (Jools) Parsons. Wonderful work.

Friday, 19 March 2021

Butterfly Tennis Club reopens on the 29th of March 2021

Courts are now available to be booked from Monday 29th March. The booking rules still apply, with members able to have up to 2 hours of bookings in the system at any one time. 

Please note entry to the club will now be via Camberwell Grove, not Grove Lane. 

The new door codes will be send out directly to members. 

Enjoy the return to tennis! 

Monday, 4 January 2021

Lockdown and extended club closure

Due to the National Lockdown the Butterfly Tennis Club will remain closed until further notice.

Friday, 18 December 2020

BTC reopens tomorrow 19th Dec

The Club reopens tomorrow, Saturday 19th December. The courts are now available to be booked by members.

There are a few important rules to adhere to please : 

1) The new Club Area and ramped entrance from Camberwell Grove is not ready. You will see there is rubble on the ramp area and loose sleepers at the bottom. Please do not walk on this area unless it is necessary to retrieve a ball. It is unsafe and we wouldn't want anyone getting injured. 

2) Court sweeping. There are four court sweepers and one line sweep brush. At the end of each session please sweep your court. Starting around the perimeter of each half court area, players should drag the brush/net behind them and move in ever decreasing circles, slightly overlapping with the last, moving in towards the centre of their end of the court. This will not only groom the surface to remove foot and ball impressions, but also help to move the loose infill back towards the centre of the court. Any debris that accumulates on the drag net should be shaken off at the edge of the playing area. When completed, return the brush/ net to its storage position. 

3) Covid - as you know we are in Tier 3 lockdown. Please follow the guidelines as per this LTA website . Please use hand sanitiser before and after using the door and playing tennis and maintain social distance at all times. 

4) Rubbish - there are no rubbish bins at the Club. Please take all your rubbish with you. 

5) Please stamp your feet on the grid mat by the gate before leaving to avoid taking too much clay with you! We will have a new shoe brush in due course. 

The floodlights are expected to arrive in the country tomorrow (fingers crossed) and are scheduled to be installed the week of the 4th January. The Club will be closed that week. 

We will hope to get a new door for Grove Lane, new entrance gates for Camberwell Grove and the decking in the Club Area installed by the end of January. 

Sunday, 1 November 2020

The Butterfly Tennis Club is now closed

The resurfacing and floodlight works will begin tomorrow, Monday 2nd November. We are hoping the works will be completed by Christmas but this is subject to favourable weather at the time the new tarmac base is laid as well as when the carpet is rolled out. It is also subject to the recent lockdown restrictions (although for now our understanding is that construction can continue) and to Covid causing issues directly to the contractors. 

For Health and Safety purposed please do not enter the Club under any circumstances. A couple of the Committee members will be allowed on site during the works in a safe manner but nobody else is permitted to access the site until further notice. There will be excavations and electrical cables being laid and it is not safe. 

We will keep you up to date with the progress and look forward to welcoming you back to the Club when the surface is ready. 

Kind regards,
BTC Committee

Monday, 29 June 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting at the Club on Saturday 4th July 2020, 12:30pm. 

We will be hosting a socially distanced EGM to ask members to vote to approve the project and expenditure. Please read the document you have received by email which explains the journey the Club has been on and gives full details of the projects, expenditure and decisions which have been made. 

If you have any issues you would like to raise, please do so by replying to the email in advance of the meeting. 

In order to get an idea of how many members will be turning up, please reply to confirm your attendance. We will ensure the 2 metre social distancing is upheld during the meeting. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Club on Saturday to support us in what will be a transformational project for the Club. 

BTC Committee

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Butterfly Tennis Club - Restricted Play Re-opening Wed 13th May

LTA Factsheet

We hope you and your family are well. You will have heard the government's update on the easing of lockdown. From a tennis point of view we are delighted that some play will be able to resume in England from Wednesday 13th May. 

Amid everyone's enthusiasm to play, the most important aspect of the re-opening is the health and wellbeing of our members. We are continuing to follow government and LTA advice. The LTA have published guidelines for players, clubs and coaches. 
  1. It is important to maintain Social Distancing. Players must not have any contact and must maintain a minimum of 2 metres of distance at all times from people who are not from their own household. Players from different households may only play singles. Members of the same household can play singles or doubles. Please do not come to the Club if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating. Please read the attached LTA Factsheet and Player Guidelines for full clarification. 
  2. The water fountain and benches are not in use. Please do not try to use them. The Committee will endeavour to sanitise the door handle each day, but we can't guarantee it will happen. Please take your own precautions. If possible, members are requested to use hand sanitiser before and after touching the door handle at entry and exit. There will be no rubbish, recycling or ball recycling bins on site. Please take everything you came with at the end of your match. 
  3. The LTA guidance is to leave a 10-minute buffer around play in order to minimise contact between players crossing. Please arrive 5 minutes after your booked start time and leave 5 minutes before the end. For example, if you have a booking 0930-1030, please arrive at 0935 and leave at 1025. You may feel comfortable standing around others, but not all members will be comfortable in your presence. 
  4. Court bookings will be available shortly after this email is sent and will be limited to one 1-hour slot per player until Sunday 24th May. This is to allow everyone fair access to the courts just after we re-open. Please include opponents when booking and wait until after your session has finished before either player books again. You may play as often as there are courts free, but one booking at a time. We expect that after May 24th the booking rules will return to normal. All bookings which were in the system before this email was sent have been removed. 
  5. Members who have not renewed their subscriptions for this season may do so online. Members who haven't renewed may play until Sunday 17th after which they will not be able to book courts without having renewed. As per our communication in March, if any member is having financial difficulties due to the crisis and would like to discuss a payment deferral to later in the year, please contact the Committee at this email address. 
  6. Matt Bennett will be available for coaching. He is being allocated 2 hours per day until normal bookings resume. Please contact him directly to book lessons at 
  7. There will soon be a booking slot for the Hitting Wall. If you would like to use it, please book a slot and only turn up to use it if you have booked. Do not come to the Club without a booking. 
  8. There is a lot of pollen around the courts which may cause sneezing for some people. Come armed with tissues! 
I hope you enjoy the return to tennis, and please stay safe. The virus is still out there. 

Kind regards, 

BTC Committee

Download: LTA Guidance for Tennis Players (12 May 2020)