Arum Akom is the Butterfly Tennis Club Head Coach. 

Arum grew up in Camberwell and learned to play tennis at Burgess Park. He is a LTA Level 3 qualified coach. He has joined the Club to help us enhance our Coaching Programme and begin our Community Outreach Programme.

Phone: 07950405587 

Check him out on Instagram.

Adult private lessons for members (subject to Covid-19 restrictions):

Four hours per weekday during off-peak hours (0900-1700) on one court in term time, and two hours during school holidays. 

Mondays between 08:30am – 11:30am 
Wednesdays between 08:30am – 15:30pm 
Fridays 08:30am – 11:30am 

Adult drill sessions on both courts for members (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

Two 90-minute sessions per week, one a weeknight evening and one a weekend daytime session. Sessions are for up to ten members. 

Children’s lessons during term time (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

After school classes from 1600-1800, Mondays to Thursdays and Sunday mornings from 0800-1100. Terms are considered to be 39 weeks of the year. 

Children’s holiday camps (subject to Covid-19 restrictions)

These will run 4 hours per day during the half term (3 weeks), Easter (2 weeks) and summer (6 weeks) holidays.  No coaching for two weeks over Christmas .

Private lessons will costs £30 per hour and Drill sessions £7.50 per person for 90-mins, payable directly to Arum. 

There is some flexibility in the above plan as long as overall hours are not above that. 

Members can still use their own bookings for coaching. 

5% of all coaching revenue is to be paid to the Bursary Fund. 

You can read about Arum’s story on this LTA link . 

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