Join Us & FAQ

Thank you for your interest in joining the Butterfly Tennis Club

The Club is currently full due to a surge in tennis interest. The Club operates a waiting list and admits new members each April to replace those who don’t renew the membership.
There are currently over 650 (!) people waiting and we can usually offer only 20-30 places each year.  See below in FAQs for how long you may be waiting at the moment it is about a 10 year waiting list! If don't live or work in the postcodes listed below, we will not be able to offer you a space as priority is always given to those who live locally.

Membership Categories

Individual £130

Family £210

Concessions £45 – Over 65s, Unemployed and Full-time students (Proof of continued eligibility is required every year you renew your membership)

Juniors £40 – Under 18s 
*NEW* For 2023-4 Joining fee (not applicable to concessions and juniors) £50
We currently no longer offer off-peak membership as the courts are in use most of the time by full members but may bring this back in 2023

  • How do I join?
    If you would like to join the Butterfly Tennis Club, please fill in the form below to join the waiting list. The club is currently at capacity so we will only process new members when a place comes available. Currently, this is likely to only be in April each year, once current members have paid for their memberships and we know how many spaces we have to offer.  Once we process the memberships, we will send you the login details for the booking site. Please note that you will not be able to book courts and use the facilities until you have paid your membership in full.

  • What is family membership?
    We count family as two related people living in the same household, and any children under 18 living at home, or still in full-time undergraduate education AND living at home.
    Once you reach the age of 18 you will need to have your own individual membership. This will be given and you won't need to join the waiting list. The two main members can be married, civil partners, or a parent and child. Each member will get their own log-in details but you will need a valid email address to make bookings.
  • How long is the waiting list and what are my chances of joining this year?
    We currently have over 650 people on the waiting list and each year only around 20-30 of places become available in April each year. Due to the volume of emails and enquiries about this we will not be able to reply to all emails about joining the club. We will only be in touch if there is a space available for you.

    Please do not email asking where you are on the waiting list. See below for a rough idea of when you will be offered a place.

  • I have already filled in the form. What are my chances of joining this year? 
    We are currently renewing memberships for 2023-24. If you do not have an email in April-May 2023 then you will probably not be invited to be a member for the 23-24 season (though we may offer a few more places if space allows).
    If you put your name down on the waiting list in August and September 2020 there is a good chance (but we can't guarantee it) that we will be in touch in April or May 2023 about joining.
    Signed up to waiting list in October - December 2020: Estimate join date 2024
    Signed up to waiting list in Jan - Feb 2021: Estimate join date 2025
    Signed up to waiting list in March 2021: Estimate join date 2026
    Signed up to waiting list in April 2021: Estimate join date 2027-28 
    Signed up to waiting list in April 2022: Estimate join date 2029-30 
  • Signed up to waiting list in April 2023: Estimate join date: 2030-2033? Who knows!
    This is only a rough estimate and many people on the waiting list may have moved away, changed their minds by the time a place is available for them. However, anyone signing after April 2022 is not likely to be offered a place for at least 8-9 years at the current rate of spaces.

  • Do I have a better chance of becoming a member if I live or work in Camberwell?
    If spaces are available, we give priority to those who live and/or work in the following postcodes: SE5 8**, SE5 7**, SE5 9**, SE5 0**, SE15 5**, SE15 4**, SE22 8**, SE24 0** and SE24 9**. If you are on the waiting list and live out of these areas, there is almost no chance that we will offer you membership as there are so many others who live within the catchment area.  We do this simply because we have found that those living further away are unlikely to use the courts on a regular basis and that is unfair to those who live closer and would like to play. For those that are in the catchment area, we do not prioritise if you happen to live on the same street as the club. Everyone in the catchment area is treated the same. We will ask for proof of address before membership is granted.
    • I used to be a member. Does this give a chance of moving up the waiting list?
      I am afraid not. If your membership has lapsed for whatever reason, you will need to join the waiting list again. There are no exceptions for this.

    • How many courts do you have?
      We have two courts, a children's mini tennis court and a hitting wall. There is a table tennis table that can also be played by booking the mini court. The hitting wall can also be booked out by booking the mini court.

    • Do I have to pay to book a court?
      Not at present. Once you have paid your membership fees, courts are free to book and at present we are not charging for the use of the floodlights.

    • Do you have a tennis coach?
      Yes we do. Arum Akom teaches private one to one classes, the kids classes and adult drills sessions.  If you would like private lessons, we can provide details once you have signed up. Please note only members can take part in the Adult tennis classes and drills at the club.

    • Do you have children's classes?
      Yes we do. Please see the Children's Tennis Class page for more details. Children do not have to be members of the club to take part in the classes.

    • Do you have social tennis evenings?
      We are trialling these and they will resume in May 2023. We also have drills sessions twice a week.

    • What are drills sessions?
      Drills are group classes of between 4-10 people, where Arum works on practising specific shots and strategies for playing tennis. Once you are a member, you can be put on the Whatsapp group that advertises these events.

    • How many bookings can I make at any time?
      We have recently changed the booking rules. Please see the booking rules page for more information.
    • Can I bring guests?
      Each member can invite non members for a total of 3 matches a year. If you have individual or concessions membership you can play a total of 3 games with non members. Each adult in the family membership may also play guests 3 times each. The point of the club is to play other members. There are plenty of local courts where you can play non members.
    Join the waiting list.
    If you would like to join please complete the form below in full to join the waiting list. We only process new membership enquiries when we have space for new members. At present we only take on new members in April each year
    Please note, we currently have over 650 people on the waiting list and each year there are only a handful of places available. Due to the volume of emails and enquiries about this we will not be able to reply to all emails about joining the club. We will only be in touch if there is a space available for you.
    Once we have your payment, we will email you all other necessary information and details of how to access the courts.

    You will need to evidence concessionary entitlement and if you are applying for a family membership, you will need to give email addresses and names for anyone else in your family who you want to be able to make a booking as well as proof that you live in the same household.

    If you have any questions, please email Tom Leighton the membership secretary at

    Joining the Club means you agree to the Rules.

    You will not be able to book courts until you have paid this year's membership in full. Payment is made through Stripe which allows us to process payments and renewals directly into our MyCourts membership & booking system.  
    For donations, please include if you are a UK taxpayer and the donation is eligible for Gift Aid.  Thank you.

    Please also note that all of the club officers are volunteers and have other responsibilities, so do not expect an instant response from us. We will do our best but please bear with us!  

    Thank you.

    The form below may not be visible on some browsers, especially on mobile phones. If you can't see the form click on this link: Butterfly Tennis Club Membership form