Thursday 11 January 2018


Butterfly Tennis Club would like to clarify the Court Booking Rules. 

The Members are self-policing with the Bookings. Members will be warned (by the Bad Cop) if they don't adhere to the policy and if are found to continue abusing the system, will have Booking Rights removed for a 2 week period in the first instance. 

We are a Community Club and are trying to ensure fair playing time for all. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, excluding Bank Holidays (bookings must finish by 5pm).

Peak Times
All other times

Booking Slot Length
A maximum of 2 hours if playing another member (please input the other Member’s name in the booking) or 1.5 hours if playing a guest.

All guests are welcome but would be expected to join if they play more than 3 times in a Membership Year.

Number of Booking Slots (Members)

Individual/Family/Concession Members may have a maximum of 2 Booking Slots in the system, of which only 1 Booking Slot can be at Peak Times. To be clear, Members may have one Peak and one Off-Peak booking OR two Off-Peak Bookings in the system at any one time.

Number of Booking Slots (Off-Peak Members)
Off-Peak Members may have a maximum of 2 Off-Peak Booking Slots in the system at any one time.



Butterfly Tennis Club has decided to remove all the bins from the courts. This means that Members need to take all their litter and recycling with them. It shouldn't be too difficult to do, so please be diligent and keep the Club in the wonderfully clean state it is now in. 

Please especially remember to remove the tennis ball can ring pull tops, which are quite sharp and could be dangerous to a child if left around. 

The Club has provided a net bag in which to continue to collect and recycle old tennis balls. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.