Friday 15 October 2021


This winter season you can be a winner on court – and in the pub, on the dancefloor, in fact everywhere! 

Limited opportunity to buy – offer closes in two weeks. 

Amazingly fashionable t-shirts made from quality sustainably produced organic cotton and available in x10 colours. 

Proceeds go to our bursary fund to help pay for tennis lessons for those unable to afford them. 

Everyone’s a winner! 

Order and pay now, and once our whole order is complete - the offer window is open for two weeks only - then printing can commence, and you’ll receive your order 10-14 days after that. 

Printed to order so there is no waste, no buying in bulk, and environmentally friendly. NB. there are no returns, so whatever colour/size you choose, that’s the colour/size you’ll be receiving.