Thursday 7 March 2019

Butterfly Tennis Club Annual Tournaments 2019

The Butterfly Tennis Club will once again be hosting Annual Tennis Tournaments in 2019.

Registration open until 21st March.

The Butterfly Tennis Club will once again be hosting Annual Tennis Tournaments in 2019.
The Tournament Director this year is Julian Parsons, and he will be assisted by me. Please contact Julian on for any queries.

We will be contesting Men's and Ladies' Singles, Men's and Ladies' Doubles and Mixed Doubles Tournaments. The caveat for hosting all tournaments is that we need a minimum of 8 singles participants or doubles pairs. If there isn't enough interest the tournament will not take place.

The Registration Deadline is Thursday 21st March. Please register your interest via the MyCourts booking site, by clicking on the "Tournaments" button at the top and choosing the tournament of interest. There is no cost for entering the tournaments.

The Tournament Draws will be made by the Tournament Director, Club Chair and anyone else who would like to be present as soon as possible after the Registration Deadline. Exact time and place will be notified in advance. Seedings will be determined by the Tournament Director based on current form.

The Tournaments will begin on 1st April, and we will aim to have the Finals weekend at the end of June. Hopefully we can replicate the great success of the Ladies' Singles Final last year.

This year there will be a much stricter adherence to deadlines, with enforced coin-tosses to decide matches which aren't played by the required deadlines.

All the matches will be best of 3 tie-break sets.

The Singles Finals will have an umpire and line judges and the doubles just an umpire (subject to volunteer availability). The Club will provide tennis balls (Wilson US Open) for the Finals. Players must provide balls for all other matches.

There are a lot of new members who have joined the Club this season, and I encourage everyone to get involved.

I would especially like to encourage the Ladies to enter the Singles and Doubles. We have never had a Ladies' Doubles before, so it would be great to get it started. The Ladies' Singles has often struggled for numbers, but I know we have many good players at the Club, so please sign up. It will be fun!

If you would like to enter one of the Doubles Tournaments but don't have a partner, please sign up online and send Julian an email. We will do our best to find you a partner.